Saturday, August 24, 2013


It looks as if we have another of those issues which polarises opinion, and where it is really hard to get at the facts, or even at reason-based estimates of probability. The anti lobbies are well represented in the media - after all, it's another catastrophe-in-the-making kind of story - so I thought you might like to get another perspective here.
I have to confess that "fracking" is my kind of word.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Some serious pissing about

I came across this snippet on a US news channel:

To the accolades of the leaders of a Cultural Revolution - and the shock and despair of most parents - Governor Jerry Brown signed California Assembly Bill 1266 into law. It mandates that restrooms in public schools, from kindergarten through the twelfth grade, no longer be limited to boys or girls, young men or young women. Students who self identify as transgendered will now be able to choose which restroom they use.
I had to cross reference this piece before I could be sure that it was not a spoof. Pursuing this surreal notion, I found an Australian article which listed 23 gender variants. Yes, TWENTY-THREE. To be honest with you, I have had enough difficulty coping with TWO gender categories during my life.
I'm not sure if there is vocal opposition to the new law about loos, but I suspect there will be howls of protest from the girls when they discover how scattergun the aim of micturating penis-toting adolescents is as they point percy at the porcelain in their very approximate way, seat up or seat down.