Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Get organisised

My study, aka Chaos.Time I got myself organisised. Tomorrow, maybe....

"Happy anyway"

Look at this happy little chap and learn a lesson from him. I have been silent recently because I didn't want to bore you with more blathering about my medical condition. The prescribed treatment is working, and each day seems to bring me closer to "normal". Alleluia!
I even managed to go out on Barn Owl business the other day, albeit with the help of my vigorous mate, David H. We went to rescue a Barn Owl nestbox that had fallen when the barn collapsed. The box was a write-off, for which I was grateful, as it was one of those Wildlife Trust boxes made out of chipboard, a horrible material to repair.
So, bones no longer quite so achy and muscles calm even though still weak, I am raring to go. All I need now is for the weather to get a bit warmer and I will give you all a beaming smile like the little Brazilian menino da rua in the photo!

Friday, January 20, 2012

The me in Odmedod

Of course you all remember the scarecrow character, Odmedod, who appeared in the 1942 edition of the Rupert Annual. This illustration doesn't do him justice, as his arms and legs were just sticks. Which is why the illustration doesn't do me justice either. A side effect of my current medical condition is that the musculature on my arms and legs has wasted away quite a lot, leaving me looking like a pudding with four poles poking out.
I seem to be mending, thank goodness and thanks to medication, in that the everywhere-pains of the morning gradually subside during the day.
And the prognosis is good: I should be back to normal in 4-6 weeks, according to both the Turkish and the English specialists who have been on my case.
[Smiley face].
Which leaves me with the question: how can I rebuild the muscles in my arms and legs? I have no wish to look like Arnie Schwarzie, I will be happy with biceps no larger than goose eggs,  providing they work. Any ideas gratefully received.

Saturday, January 07, 2012

Out of the bouches...

 Examen de français en primaire
 Réponses d'élèves de primaire  : 

1. Dans la phrase ''Le voleur a volé les pommes'', où est le sujet ?
- En prison.

2. Le futur du verbe ''je baille'' est... ?
 - je dors.

3. Que veux dire l'eau ''potable'' ?
 - C'est celle que l'on peut mettre dans un pot.

4. Qu'est-ce qu'un oiseau migrateur ?
 - C'est celui qui ne peut se gratter que la moitié du dos.

5. Que faire la nuit pour éviter les moustiques ?
 - Il faut dormir avec un mousquetaire.

 6. À quoi sert la peau de la vache ?
 - Elle sert à garder la vache ensemble.

 7. Pourquoi le chat a-t-il quatre pattes ?
- Les 2 devant servent à courir, les 2 derrière à freiner.

 8. Quand dit-on''chevaux'' ?
 - Quand il y a plusieurs chevals

9. Qui a été le premier colon en Amérique ?
 - Christophe.

 10. Complétez les phrases suivantes :

 À la fin les soldats en ont assez......d'être tués.

 Je me réveille et à ma grande surprise...
 - ...je suis encore vivant.

 La nuit tombée...
- ...le renard s'approcha à pas de loup.

 11. Pourquoi les requins vivent-ils dans l'eau salée ?
 - Parce que dans l'eau poivrée, ils tousseraient tout le temps.

12. L'institutrice demande : Quand je dis «je suis belle», quel temps est-ce ?
 - Le passé, madame 

Thursday, January 05, 2012

Trellis is surprised

I publish this latest missive from the good lady of North Wales without comment.
Dear Mrs Samovar, she writes, a little bird told me that A CERTAIN PERSON came to stay with you last week. All I can say, dear, is that you are a braver woman than I am. That CERTAIN PERSON is notorious for eating everything in sight, drinking endless cups of tea and forever walking about for no apparent reason. I hope at least that he was kind to your dogs, and maybe even spent time stroking your pussy (He doesn't get on well with cats as a rule).
Anyway,  look after yourself, dear, and know that I admire your kindness to dumb animals, including  to the CERTAIN PERSON referred to above.
Yours in sisterly solidarity
Blodwen Trellis, Widow, retd, no serious offer refused