Saturday, May 09, 2009

Sedge Warbler

This afternoon I parked up on North Fen, away from traffic and noise and problems, poured a coffee from my thermos and settled back to listen to a Sedge Warbler singing. A male, freshly arrived I imagine, and singing his heart out. They aren't much to look at, streaky brown things with a jaunty eyestripe, but when they are singing, often from an exposed perch, the bill opens wide and you can see right down their throat. He's a mimic is the male Sedge Warbler, and it's fun to pick out snatches of song from other species. I listened to him for about twenty minutes. It's not Grand Opera, but it's a sure way of lowering your blood pressure and taking your mind off your worries for a while.
The coffee, by the way, was awful, but it always is when I make it

1 comment:

Nea said...

Are you still taking the pills?

Now days, and I'm 30 years younger than you, even a good cup of coffee can make me feel shakey and sick, and very sadly wine makes me dizzy and rheumy (aches amd pains the day after), so I skip the pills and stick to tea...dull but comforting-
Cheers :)