Tuesday, February 26, 2013

It's a goner!

I'm sorry, but this can't wait till Friday. Do you have one of those gizmos called a PinSENTRY or something like that? You put your bank card in it in order to get a code which gives you access to your money and banking services. A great device, totally secure and, in the case of my Barclay's PinSENTRY, very pretty too in fetching periwinkle blue and white. It's a great idea. Until it stops working for no reason that you can see. And it's a sealed unit, so you can't open it up and poke its innards with a toothpick.
Quoi faire, mes potes? I sent a polite email to the bank explaining my problem and asking for help. The robotic reply tells me they will respond to my email within five working days.Why does it take them up to five working days to deal with a request? What are they doing that is keeping them from providing the service that they so often boast about? I can only speculate:
1 They're all on holiday
2 They're taking a long coffee break
3 They're taking it in turns to stay awake
4 There's a war on somewhere and they're all hiding under the counter
5 They're richer than the rest of us, so they don't give a monkey's wossname
6 Their system is so crap that they can't cope with the flood of requests for help.
Never mind, while my gizmo is hors de combat, at least I can't get or spend any money. 
And it is Lent, so maybe this was meant to be.

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