Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Bishop and my Bum

The other day, I went to Norwich Cathedral to install a Bishop. Well, I didn't personally install him, but I and a couple of thousand others were present for the ceremony. In fact, the Cathedral was so packed that for at least two hundred people, including me, it was standing room only. I managed to get a perch against a pillar, resting my bottom on the ornate carvery at the foot of the column.
The ceremony was spectacular, as you might imagine, lots of pompery-popery, made even more colourful by the contingents of various orders and other denominations in their characteristic garb. I think the Orthodox Archimandrite was my favourite.
It was a long and moving ceremony, that has left a lasting impression on my mind. It has also left a lasting impression on my bottom, thanks to the unforgiving carvery I had perched on, for I now have a pattern of acanthus leaves there that I suspect will not fade any time soon. Sorry for you I haven't a photo of such magnificent gluteal tracery.

Anyway, apart from the Swift in the organ and the indentations on my bottom, nothing much has happened to me lately. What about you?

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Mike and Ann said...

It sounds as if the swift MUST have got out again. They usually do.