Thursday, October 24, 2013

Open sesame dammit!

Modern wrapping is the subject of my latest grump. I tried to get an item out of its plastic moulding but, finding no way of separating the upper from the lower part, I cut across the top with a pair of scissors. I then prised them apart, only to discover that the item was still imprisoned in some kind of stiff paper. No, it doesn't peel off. It never does. You have to plunge the point of your scissors into it, and pull the paper apart messily. Why? Why all this wrapping? After all, the item was only a quartet of AA batteries. What are they being protected against? Don't the manufacturers WANT me to get at the batteries?
I haven't had such frustrations since my adolescence, when I broke fingernails trying to open bras one-handed while distracting the girl at the front with appoximately-aimed kisses. At least the little sweethearts weren't imprisoned in plastic, you didn't need scissors to open 'em up.


Mike and Ann said...

What a comparison!!

Jake Allsop said...

You are right. It's not me, you know, it's my fevered imagination that produces these comparisons.