Monday, February 08, 2016

Serenity it is, then

With all the gloom that pervades the media these days, I was beginning to become despondent.

And then my daughter sent me this photograph of my Californian grandchildren, the twins Kiki and Harry, dressed up for some formal occasion.

When I saw it,   "my heart soared like a hawk", as Chief Dan George exclaimed when his grandson reappeared after a long absence.

So, much as I want to be a Grumpy Old Man these days, I realise that there are forces conspiring against me, causing - as in the case of this photograph -  a big smile on my face and a warm glow in my chest.

I know when I am beaten: I will just have to put up with being serene for a while.

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Michael Horner said...

Thanks for sharing that lovely photo. Such things cheer one up tremenjous. Las week, staying in London with our youngest daughter, I was greeted on Thursday morning by senior great granddaughter ( a little over two) saying (very clearly) "Good Morning, Great Grandpa Horner". I think she had been primed by her mother and grandmother until word perfect, but I must admit that it set me in humour for the morning (no, the Day).