Thursday, March 24, 2016

Turning a blind eye is cowardice

Even allowing for tabloid sensationalism, this is a gruesome story**. Nobody comes out of it well: local authority, local police, social services and so on, They all turned a blind eye because of the tyranny of Political Correctness, a wicked mechanism that suppresses freedom of expression and straight dealing. Please resist it whenever you can.

**Rotherham is not the only town where Asian gangs groomed and abused young girls. It was only when the first prosecution was brought in Oxford that other local authorities realised they could no longer sit on inconvenient truths.


Unknown said...

Your views on rampant PC correspond well with those of Pat Condell. Take a gander (preferably house-trained) at his YouTube channel,

Jake Allsop said...

Many thanks, Anon, for this link. The man is the most articulate and clearthinking that I have come across in a long time. Let's hope his message gets a wide audience.