Thursday, April 07, 2011


I realise now that I rushed to judgment, and for that I am heartily sorry (beats breast). While I was looking out over the garden just now, admiring my new-cut lawn, SHE arrived followed by FIVE males, she, whom I, in my callousness, had christened Irma.
I realised my error when I saw her running AWAY from them, all five in "hot pursuit" - I think that's the term for it. Now, would she run away if her interest was in multiple coupling? Maybe it's the coquettishness of the female, I don't know. All I will say is that I examined her face for signs of glee or smugness, and found, well, just a duck's face, bland and expressionless.
Now she is alone again with her faithful hubby, and I, for one, am pleased to interpret  this as a sign of connubial fidelity.
Hell's bells, I will even let them set up house again under my plum tree if that is their bag. Just as long as there's no more hankypanky.

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