Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Happiness is box-shaped

It's Wednesday morning, and we are all ready to go out and bang up a few more boxes.

Number 1 is a reconditioned indoor Barn Owl box, still poo-encrusted for authenticity.
Number 2 is a new-style wide and shallow Kestrel Box, quite roomy.
Number 3 is a conventional style Kestrel box. The plywood was already painted on one side, so we shall have a WHITE Kestrel box, tucked away in the fork of a tree.
Number 4 is a new front for a crappy old indoor Barn Owl box. This is a temporary repair, because Stock Doves are breeding in the box at the moment, but in the winter we shall install a new box.
It's all go in the Fens these days!


Anonymous said...

Can we take it you have a Land Rover to transport these delights?

Old Scrote said...

Not exactly. My Land Rover is defunct. The vehicle in the photo is my replacement 4x4, a Nissan Terrano. A propos, all the boxes and the modified front are now in situ. A good chance that the Barn Owl boxes will be used this season, but the Kestrel boxes are probably too late.