Sunday, June 12, 2011

Colour prejudice

I fear there has been an outbreak of racism in my back garden. Among the Collared Doves, one has appeared which is incredibly pale. Almost white in fact, in contrast to its duskier congeners.
A little while back, I looked out to see Whitey being bullied by a Dusky. I noticed too that Whitey is somewhat smaller than the usual.
He's a very pretty fellow is Whitey, delicate, almost feminine. In fact he could be a she, there's no way of telling. Anyway, lang may his/her lum reek, despite the opposition.
Even a Woodpigeon had a frown of disapproval as it approached the pretty dove, but then, Woodpigeons tend to look grumpy most of the time.


Anonymous said...

Why is this bird a colour variant of S. decaocta and not a 'Barbary' Dove S. X risoria, or perhaps even an African Collared Dove S. roseogrisea? So many things get out of their cages these days - like a White-throated Robin seems to have done!

Old Scrote said...

Thanks, Anon. It never occurred to me. The fact that Whitey is noticeably smaller than the regular S.decaocto makes me think you are right. I will check further. Maybe I should retitle the entry "Xenophobia".

Old Scrote said...

Looking more closely at Whitey, I note that it has an incomplete black collar, viz, no black visible on the nape itself. It's a very nervous bird - even the Blackbirds are seeing it off.