Friday, June 24, 2011

Unfinished business between the shoulderblades

It's not over yet, folks. The scar between my shoulder blades still hasn't healed completely. There's still a wee hole that refuses to close. Apparently the way to zap whatever is preventing it from closing is to give it a dose of Silver Nitrate.But they haven't got any at the Surgery, so if anyone reading this knows how to add 1 glob of Silver to 1 glob of Nitrogen and 3 globs of Oxygen, drop me a line.
Envoi: I use the word glob as a catchall for atoms, molecules, neutrons, electrons, tampons and all the other bits of matter that I can't remember the names of.


Mike and Ann said...

Hello Jake. I believe silver nitrate is the main component of 'silvering powder' as used by antiquarian horologists to resilver dials, and as such could probably be obtained from any good horological supplyer. The problem is that I do not know what other ingredients they use, and anyway silvering powder is poisonous, so I'd suggest caution. Quite see that this won't help much.
Regards, Mike.

Old Scrote said...

I quite like the idea of having my dial resilvered - it's in a seriously distressed state with the advancing years. Thanks, M and A, for the info.