Monday, April 02, 2012

Let's hear it for Lord Lilford!

There it is, a pretty box made from offcuts, lovingly installed in a tree, base lined with cosy woodshavings, a really fetching circular entrance and a dinky inspection door. All it lacks now is a pair of Little Owls to take up residence. In some East Midland counties, this diminutive owl is known as Lord Lilford's Owl, after the aristo who introduced it from the Continent and on to his estates. It's a fronzy wee beastie, with frowning stare and an endearing way of bobbing its head which suggests impatience, irritation or curiosity, but is simply the bird's way of establishing parallax to determine the distance of objects. Why is it that scientific explanations are so often so dull compared to popular beliefs?
Anyway, here's a Little Owl frowning - or whatever you think its facial expression means.

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