Monday, April 09, 2012

Saint Waldetrudis

Here is a splendid saint of the day:

Also known as Waltrude or Waudru, she was the daughter of Saints Walbert and Bertilia and sister of Saint Aldegunus of Maubeuge. Marrying Saint Vincent Madelgarius, she became the mother of Saints Landericus, Madalberta, Adeltrudis, and Dentelin. When her husband chose to become a  monk about 643 in the monastery of Hautrnont, France, he had founded, she established a convent at Chateaulieu, around which grew up the town of Mons, Belgium.

What a holy family!


Mike and Ann said...

She sounds a Holy Terror. Although Saint (and King) Anna, of East Anglia seems to have beaten her at the Saint producing Stakes. He sired six daughters who seem to have achieved Sainthood :- Saints Saifrith, Sexberga, Etheldreda, Withburga, Ethelburga, and Wendreda. Indefatiguable Chap! Well, he'd have to have been to live down a name like Saint Anna.
Regards, Mike.

Mike and Ann said...

Or rather - King Anna!