Sunday, July 08, 2012

It's pimply sissing down

There's an old canard (appropriate word!) that people who live in the Fens have webbing between their toes. Given that this is the wettest Spring and early Summer since records began, I suspect it's going to come true. By the way, when DID records begin? The first year when someone decided to write everything down, there were nothing BUT "records", 
Apparently this endless series of swirling cyclones with attendant high winds and downpours is happening because  the jet stream, which normally sits (well, it doesn't sit exactly, but you know what I mean) well north of Iceland, is currently half way down Europe. How it slipped and how and when it will get back to its home in the frozen north are great unknowns, but the weather persons say we may have at least another two weeks of it. There are gale warnings and flood warnings a-plenty, and I check between my toes every morning just in case. I also watch the weather forecasts on telly more than I used to, the only consolation for the awful news being that there are some lovely smiley lasses doing them. If we're in for meteorological armageddon, I'm glad it's Carol Kirkwood and her nubile colleagues who are telling me about it.
And now, if you will excuse me, Old Duckfeet is just going out to check the swamp that used to be his back lawn. Oh, and this is Carol Kirkwood on a better day:

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