Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Radish and diesel flavour, sir?

It can't wait till Friday, I need to get a grump off my chest right now. I like an occasional packet of crisps. The shelves are filled with crisps of all flavours, rat and smegma, spit and polish, radish and diesel, but it's almost impossible to find crisps which are potato-flavoured. I like an occasional croissant with my coffee. The shelves have chocolate croissants, almond croissants and for all I know rat and smegma flavoured croisssants, but it's very hard to find a plain honest straightforward croissant which is croissant-flavoured. I am sure you can multiply the examples of simple products that are flavoured to taste of something other than what they are made of. Why? What's the point or purpose? If I want cheese and onion flavour, I will eat a slice of cheese and an onion. The moment when I had to restrain myself from burning the shop to the ground was when I looked for coffee, and found that I could have vanilla-flavoured and another three thousand variety of flavoured coffee. Doesn't anyone drink coffee any more that has the taste of coffee? To avoid my arson urge, I left the shop, making sure I didn't look at the tea section on the way out.... I knew only too well what I would find there.

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