Friday, October 19, 2012

Don't do that!

If you are thinking of going to Kowloon, you should be aware that the only thing you can do in the Park there is to throw things into a litter bin (Sign 11). If you are interpreting the various signs, can you let me know what you find?
My take is  that you are not allowed to
1 take into or use nuclear submarines in the park
2 dispense justice impartially
3 use deodorants on mats or carpets
4 put a collar on your dog
5 release injured birds
6 put out your cigarette by urinating on it
7 leave your wife naked on a bench
8 get pregnant
9 ride a bike without a saddle
10 administer corporal punishment
12 throw luggage at passing cars

Of course I could be wrong: they're an inscrutable lot, the Kowloonigans.

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