Friday, July 04, 2008

Bless the Fens!

Today was a magical day. Out with my piri Peter W, and a good mate Roger I joining us, we visited a goodly number of Barn Owl and Kestrel boxes around the fens which are local to me. The fens are flat, and this means that the skyscapes are stunning. Thank God it was a perfect July day, warm and sunny with nothing more than cottonwool wisps of altocumulus to stain the welkin.
At the end of the day, which had included a wonderful farmhouse lunch with Robert and Christine and their children Edward and Holly (they have erected lots of nestboxes on their 600 acre farm), Roger summed it up: "This has been one of the most wonderful days of my life".
I'll drink to that. In fact that is what I am doing right now.


troutbirder said...

frivolous is fun!

Old Scrote said...

Glad to hear that you are photographing birds instead of blowing their heads off!
Yes, I am enjoying my frivolous years, but I do allow myself one day a week to be a really grumpy old man.