Friday, April 09, 2010

Friday is Grump Day. Isn't it?

As I am sure you know by now, Friday is my day for being grumpy. This is so that I can be serene on the other six days in the week. I apologise right now on this Friday, 09 April 2010, for not being grumpy, but the serenity has seeped osmotically into it. All right, I can be grumpy because my LBP has re-emerged, but in truth it is my own fault for lifting heavy objects carelessly, and not putting a coat on on a very cold day. All right, I am feeling ratty about wind turbines, politicians and the plague of rats in my garden, but hell, there's little I can do about any of them, so why get worked up?
In fact, there are so many good things in my life right now that grumpiness doesn't get a look-in. The weather is good, the garden is beautiful, especially the forsythia, the hyacinths and the daffodils, the birds are plentiful and eye-catching (at least in my garden: the fens are still quiet), and I am blessed with wonderful friends and colleagues. Que mes vols? as they say in Catalunya.
I really ought to stub my toe or catch my fingers in a door, or at this rate I will become unbearably serene.

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