Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Meadowsweet, a wild flower as lovely as its name. I have a clump of it in my garden every summer, and I treasure it.
Be that as it may, you know that I was recently jilted. That is to say, my ducklings deserted me. I guess Mother Duck thought they could make a better living in a drain.
So be it, I thought.
Then, just as I was wondering what I could do with my life and with all the food pellets I had bought, behold, two cute baby rabbits turned up on the back lawn. I was no longer alone! Every morning, there they were, lolloping back and forth over the sward, nibbling at this and that - this and that being mostly my clump of meadowsweet. It's all gone, and so have they. No, I didn't shoot or trap them, but I think the sight of three Common Buzzards circling over the garden might have decided them to try pastures new.
Anyway, If you have meadowsweet in your garden, get the netting out right away: the killer bunnies are coming.

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Nea said...

No bunnies this far north, only hare, so I'm not too worried :)