Thursday, July 08, 2010


Warning: some of what follows might be distressing to vegetarians. Fortunately, it does not contain flashing lights, so epileptics can relax, unless, of course, they are epileptic vegetarians.

A feisty family, the mustelids. The two species most frequent in this country are the weasel and the stoat. I am sure you are all familiar with the advice on how to tell them apart: "the weasel is w'easily recognised; the stoat 'stotally different." Yup.
Anyway, the reason for this note is that yesterday, my colleague Peter found an unusual, if not unique, prey item in a Kestrel box - to wit, a baby weasel. It was headless and one of the Kestrel chicks was already chomping happily on the rest of it.
Here, at no extra charge, is a picture of a weasel. Authorship acknowledged here.

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