Thursday, October 28, 2010

Hope for all of us oldies...

This lady is inspirational! Don't miss this!

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Bea Kunzmann said...

dear mr.allsop,
i'm a 19 year-old student from germany doing my a-level next year. i have a little problem, because i have to write a seminar paper and our topic is to analyse an english short story. i picked two of yours, "gossip" and "summer-blue eyes". can you tell me something about these stories, e.g.what you wanted to say, and also maybe give me some information about your life career, because there is nothing to find about you on the internet or in books. please write me back as soon as possible, best would be today, because i have to submit my seminar paper on monday.
i'm very sorry that i'm that late, but i didn't have the courage to contact you, yet.
thanks in advance. sincerely yours, bea kunzmann (