Friday, August 27, 2010

Trellis on Mandelson

The good lady from North Wales is still freely offering her advice to the deserving.
Dear Miss Mandelson, she writes, my mother-in-law, that is, the mother of my late husband, Mr Trellis, has sent me a copy of your recent book, "The T'urd Man".
I didn't realise until I got it how much she hates me. She always thought herself a cut above other people. A bit like you really, very lah-di-dah. All swank and no knickers, as you might say. A bit like you really.
Be that as it may, ours was a happy if disjointed marriage, and I hope one day you too will find someone to settle down with, but do try to avoid those heavy women on motorbikes with facial hair - they could do you a serious mischief.
Yours sympathily
Blodwen Trellis, Mrs, Widow, Rtd.

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Mary Scriver said...

Out here in the American West we have a saying something like that "all swank and no knickers" phrase. It's "All hat and no cattle," which doesn't QUITE seem to match up except grammatically. Hmmmm.

Prairie Mary