Sunday, November 07, 2010

Not dead yet

No, I am not dead yet, folks! The summer has been hectic, and the autumn is looking to be just as frenzied - lots of Barn Owl boxes to repair, to make or to erect, lots of surveys to do. And on top of that, I am involved in a local project to build a "Swift Tower" on a small nature reserve on the edge of Cambridge.
And, on top of that, I am pursuing a wonderfully inspiring course called "Journey in Faith", about which I will tell you nothing unless you ask me.
So, with apologies for my recent silence, I leave you with this picture, courtesy of my lovely friend, Deborah, of a gorgeous Nightjar perching on something unspeakable. At least you can see that I am not ready to join the Choir Invisible just yet.


Mary Scriver said...

Well, it's a relief to see you since I originally found your blog by complaining to someone alert that I wished there were people blogging who were MY age!

Prairie Mary

Old Scrote said...

Mary! I checked out your blog only yesterday and had the same feeling of joy that we are both still here and being foolish. Bless you.