Sunday, August 28, 2011

Great jubilation

At 1400 hours British Summer Time, on Sunday, 28 August 2011, in the Parish of Aldreth, a moment of great jubilation occurred, an event in the annals of this pretty Cambridgeshire village that will be remembered long after the..............
Sorry, fellas, I was just watching a newsreel of the VE Day Celebrations, and the fulsome style of the commentary just got the better of me.
Coming back to "the moment", I can now tell you that the Green Woodpecker delivered to me unwell about ten days ago, was released fully recovered at 1400 hours BST etc.
Our star and guardian angel rehabber, Deborah L, nursed it back to health, and today came over to Aldreth to release it in the garden where it had been picked up by John B.
John and his wife and two children, and two grandparents were there to see the moment, joined by Paul M, who took the picture above.
OK, it's small potatoes compared to famine relief in the Horn of Africa or, for that matter, VE Day, but it's a ray of sunshine in a grey old world.
My goodness, I fancy a cuddle. Any takers?

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