Monday, August 01, 2011

It's up to you

Do they still have that notice in four languages on Continental trains:
Do not lean out of the window
Ne pas se pencher au dehors
Nicht hinauslehnen
E pericoloso sporgersi

What I have always loved about it is that the first three say DON'T DO IT. The fourth simply says that it is dangerous to do it, but leaves the decision to you. Bless the Italians, they are among the greatest individualists in the world.

I was reminded of this notice when I came across the attached. You can see that the English says that you shouldn't, the German simply says please don't. Whether you prefer, the moral exhortation or the polite request, you can be sure that the Old Scrote and his pacemaker will steer well clear of whatever is on the other side of that fence: I'm not ready to be microwaved just yet.

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