Sunday, May 28, 2006

List while I tell thee....

Being up at first light, when wildlife is vocal, visible and confiding
Admiring a good bum on a woman
Pootling round the back fen droves in my Land Rover recording wildlife
Being with children who are curious about everything and keep asking "Wh..." questions
Marvelling at the wonders of Nature, which are evidence of Intelligent Design. Aren't they?
Giving and receiving non-sexual hugs and cuddles. The sexual kind are welcome too.
Teaching bright young people who bubble with enthusiasm (I miss that since I retired)
Watching cricket and snooker, sports where you can fall asleep and not miss anything.
Discovering the elegance of the grammar of other languages
Getting through a long-haul flight without being aware of the time.
Collecting pre-1980 Rupert Annuals and other ephemera
Going out with a field naturalist who is better than I am (Happens all the time!)


People who have human rights but no human obligations
Laws like Health and Safety which stifle our freedom to take risks
Hydrogenated vegetable oil and other crap in processed foods
Soap operas, quiz shows, sports programmes, chat shows - this list is endless
Airports, well Stansted and O'Hare aren't too bad, but the rest....... Aargh!
Incidental music which is anything but incidental. Add muzak while we are at it
People who mumble, and people who talk loudly in public places
Temporary road signs that are left up long after the work has been completed.
Yappy dogs and sullen cats
People who announce that they have a right to their opinion and then spout nonsense.
Tomato ketchup and other dressings put on food to disguise its lack of taste.
Developers who are forever trying to build something 'orrible in My Back Yard

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