Sunday, May 28, 2006

Moth-er's Ten Commandments

This is for moth-ers only (The hyphen is critical).

And Moses the Lepidopterist came down from the Great Mountain after an exhausting Chat with the Great Moth-Er, and delivered unto his People the following Ten Commandments:

Thou shalt call all small wainscots Common Wainscots regardless of their goolies.
Thou shalt call all difficult species Square-spot Rustic, Nutmeg or Turnip Moth.
Anything faded or not fitting Commandment 2, thou shalt let go with a sigh, videlicet, "Oops."
Whatever is rare or exciting Thou shalt allow to escape Thy Potting, leaving Thee free to fantasize about what It Might Have Been.
Thou shalt diligently employ Sugaring and Wineropes but no-one will blame Thee if Thou pourest the balance of Thy Rum into Thy coffee.
Thou shalt look intelligently at all Micros before releasing them unnamed.
Thou shalt refrain from Crowing or Vain Boasting when catching anything not yet on My list.
Thou shalt consult Skinner more than Thou didst before the Advent of Waring, Townsend and Lewington.
Thou shalt learn the Latin names of all Thy species even unto the Rarest thereof. (to be ratified)
Thou shalt submit Thy Records to the County Recorder, even though he Sleepeth Deep and Long (they say).

Benedic, Domine, nos et haec Tua Lepidoptera, quae de bonitate Tua, sumpturi sumus.

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