Sunday, May 28, 2006

More fractured dialogs

Mummy, does everybody have a birthday?
Of course, dear.
Even Grandpa?
Of course, dear.
But isn't he too old to have a birthday?
Drink your nuclearfreezone boysenberry juice, dear.


Mummy, will I go to Heaven when I die?
Oh, I'm sure you will, if you've been good.
Will everyone go to Heaven when they die?
I expect so, dear, if they've been good.
Oh. Poor Grandpa.
Drink your carotin-enhanced handreared carrot juice, dear.

Mummy, why does Grandpa wear a frock?
It's not a frock, dear, it's a djelllabiyah.
What's a jelly beer?
It's, well, erm, well, it's a bit like a frock.
Mummy, I think Grandpa's kinda weird.
Eat your peanut butter sandwich, dear.


Grandpa, why do you carry a walking stick?
Because it's too big to go in my pocket.
That's silly. Please tell me why you have a walking stick.
I use it to point at things.
Why don't you just use your finger to point at things?
Because I have a walking stick to point with.
I was right. Really really weird.

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