Tuesday, November 14, 2006

We're off to SoCal!

My visit to San Diego is now confirmed. Ticket booked, insurance taken out, currency ordered, shoes polished. I will not tell you the exact dates because I don't want burglars and other rascals to find out and do wicked things to my house while I am away.
What I intend to do in order to protect my property is to instal 12 Rottweilers, 8 Dobermans, 2 Rhodesian Ridgebacks, a Tasmanian Devil (if it's not extinct by now) and a blown-up picture of Saddam Hussein (if he is not extinct by now). That ought to deter the scamps, scoundrels and scurvy knaves.
In the meantime, it's down to Toys'r'Us to find some suitable games and gizmos. They will be, of course, for Sarah and me. I might see if I can find something for the Munchkins while I'm there...
By the way, Balboa Park is about ten minutes' drive from where Sarah lives. Cool, huh?


EBRU said...

I sent you sth. to protect your house from fire and theft, remember? So there is nothing to be worried about.:)))(
Have a nice journey.
By the way, there is a lot of things to talk about this weekend. I am looking forward to hearing your plans about San Diago.


Nea said...

Can't you set a trap so the picture blows itself up if anyone tries to gain entry?

Old Scrote said...

Thank you. I keep it in a safe place.
Ingenious idea, but maybe I'd better just stick to the security lights and the alarm!
PS How's the back after all that snow shovelling?

Nea said...

I am now an experienced snow shoveller so no back pain, just shoulders and legs!