Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Putting the 'egg' in beggar

I drove up to the place that does tyres and exhausts, parked my car next to the entrance and, as I got out of the car, a shabby fellow approached me with a hesitant "Excuse me,..." I have long experience of bums, shnorrers and other derelicts, so I gave a dismissive wave of the hand and said something like "Not interested."
He persisted, "But, it's just...", so I turned to him and switched on the heavy irony.
"Listen, bro, if I give you money, promise me you won't spend it on food."
"It's not that, I just wanted to ask you if you could move your car over a little so that my wife can park her car."

I don't know anyone who has such a talent for getting egg on his face as me


EBRU said...

Most of the time, most of us at such photographable moments say "I wish I had my camera with me."
(WED.NOV.15-Houses on fire, Jake Allsop)

Nea said...

You didn't need much egging on either...
Go on, tell us the car was a Bentley, a Jag or a Rolls.
At least you lived to tell the tale.

Old Scrote said...

IamLE, nothing photgraphable, apart from the egg on my face.
Nea, I didn't look at the man's wife or her car, but I am sure they were both splendiferous!