Saturday, November 11, 2006

What I have done today

What I have done today
J Allsop, aged 70½

Made a chicken curry (to be reheated later. Yummy!)
Swept and washed the kitchen floor
Cleaned the cooker hob (properly)
Dusted the house to get rid of cobwebs
Vacuumed and polished the car
Vacuumed the Land Rover
Cleaned my workshop
Cleaned the shelving in the garage
Swept the garage
Cleared up all the fallen leaves down the side of the house
Wrapped the three garden chair cushions in black polythene and put them in the roof

It is three pm and I now feel aged 80½. I propose to take a break.

PS Who says that retirement isn't a fulfilling period in one's life?


Nea said...

All I did was shovell snow for six hours, but it did at times feel like concrete and if I don't feel like 80 now, I probably will tomorrow morning.

Old Scrote said...

A long soak in the tub should fix that, Nea. PS, what is "snow"? :-)

EBRU said...

So I learned that there are many words that can be used instead of the word "clean", like sweep/wash,dust,vacuum... Thanks for the bookish posting.

P.S:You must be very tired. I think the break must last at least for a month.