Friday, December 01, 2006

There'll be another one along in a minute...

Today, I decided to use public transport - my small contribution to greenery and saving the planet. Well, to be honest, I discovered that I had reached that stage of decrepitude where I was entitled to a free bus pass, which I did, so I did. I decided to try out the "Park and Ride" into the city of Cambridge, "buses leaving every 10 minutes". Great!
I parked my car and went to where there was a pretty red double-decker waiting. The reason it was waiting was that there wasn't a driver, and nobody knew when a driver would appear. After TWENTY-FIVE minutes, one did. Great!
So, into Cambridge, where I did a bit of necessary shopping, and also popped into Costa's in case a certain academic was there getting her caffeine fix, and then back to the bus stop to await the next ten-minuter. After FORTY-FIVE minutes, I gave up and took a taxi back to the Park and Ride. It cost me eight of the Queen's best. Great.
I love being a grumpy old man once a week, but this grump gives me no pleasure. It just makes me realise why, at least in England, people shun public transport.
And it's bloody raining again.

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