Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Cambs Heathland

Here's a conundrum for you. Heathland is now a rare and precious habitat in Britain. It is a good habitat for wildlife with a number of specialists that are a delight to see and hear, such as Woodlarks and Nightjars. Heathland requires a particular substrate, which is mostly absent from Cambridgeshire, although we do have a couple of very small patches which could support heathland. We could encourage heathland in these two tiny localities, but the question is: would it be a worthwhile investment of resources to do so?
It is well documented that habitat fragmentation is a prime cause of the decline of many species of flora and fauna (the San Diego canyons are a prime example of this), so the justification for restoring the two Cambs heathland patches would only be that it would be nice to have them in our county. Whether they would then attract the wildlife that is currently absent from the county is doubtful. But heathland IS pretty, so should we go ahead?
The heathland shown above is in the neighbouring county of Bedfordshire. Maybe we should redraw the county boundaries and pinch some of theirs.

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