Sunday, March 07, 2010

Choking on PC

This item from Sky News:

The male students, from the notorious Penguin drinking club at Hertford college, Oxford, are alleged to have drawn up a list assessing potential dates.
Their emails were posted around college overnight by an unknown whistleblower.
As well as derogatory commentary about female freshers, the posters revealed the club's humilitating rituals, which include forcing students to perform a naked streak, while smeared in goose fat and eating raw squid.
A university spokesman said the allegations were being taken very seriously and an investigation had been launched.
"The students have been temporarily suspended as part of that process but that is not to say that it is a punishment or a judgement against them at this stage," he said.

So what? What if female undergraduates produced the equivalent, rating male freshers? Of course, girls are too sensible to do that. Aren't they?

Damn political correctness! It is going to choke us to death if we are not careful.

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