Monday, March 15, 2010

Swift Champions

On the north edge of Cambridge, there is a council-owned estate of six blocks of flats. Thanks to the efforts of the Cambridge City Council Biodiversity Officer, we have been able to provide accommodation for Swifts. Altogether we have provided 71 nest sites consisting of 50 single wooden boxes, 5 experimental pipe boxes and 4 cabinets, each with 4 nest cavities. They look magnificent, as indeed do the doughty Swift Champions you see in the photo above. The work was carried out under our supervision by a team of council workers. The machine they used was magnificent in its own right (see below).
All we need now are for the Swifts to appreciate our efforts on their behalf. Watch this space.


Anonymous said...

Well done! If only every Biodiversity Officer, and their bosses, up and down the country was as good as your's.

I would love to see the set up one day.


Old Scrote said...

You would be made welcome if you decide to come to Cambridge to see the boxes in situ. Just email me.