Friday, February 11, 2011

Grumpy Friday

Damn! It's Friday and my chance to be grumpy at last. Damn! I am in a good mood, and have nothing to be grumpy about. I even said hello to the ducks this morning AND watched a squirrel demolishing one of the peanut feeders without a nasty thought in my head.
So, you ask (or would if you hadn't already logged off), why this positive frame of the Old Scrote's mind? The answer is: Chicken soup with barley.
An angel of mercy called by last evening bearing a tureen of home-made chicken soup. With barley, the secret ingredient that turns an innocuous soup into a guided missile aimed at any virus within firing range. I had two large helpings and woke up this morning feeling good.
And serene. Damn! Why couldn't the angel have brought the soup on another evening?!
Any road up, I am grateful to D, my angel of mercy, for lifting me out of the Slough of Despond. As it turns out, so are the ducks and the squirrels.

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