Saturday, March 05, 2011

Protect us from moral people - a postscript

I have several anonymous comments about this posting, not all of them approving. Fair enough. My interest is in the welfare of children who need to be fostered or adopted. My concern is the barriers that are now put in the way, and the reasons are, in my view, often quite spurious.
I posted some time ago about cases where it took a YEAR to get a child adopted because of the rigmarole and red tape, and the monumental timidity of officials that they might offend against current notions of correctness.
Fortunately it isn't Friday, my day for being grumpy, so I will say no more.


Nea said...

How do you manage to keep it to only one day a week? I can get grumpy several times a day without even trying :)

Do the teddy bears et al. accompany the boxes even after installation?

Mary Scriver said...

Cromwell lives, eh? Force everyone to be the way I think the world should be. Isn't that what God does?

A fatal confusion between "I" and God. It never ends, but we may be headed back into some fairly ugly stuff.

Prairie Mary

Old Scrote said...

Nea, I have been practising serenity for some time now, that is, for 6/7 of the week. If I keep this up much longer, I will become unbearable!
Prairie Mary, indeed, we are back in the age of the Majors General, and it worries me a lot, even on my serene days.
Nea, sadly, no, the toy animals are not part of the Barn Owl conservation programme beyond their initial appearance at boxmaking stage. I'd love them to participate more, but I fear my colleagues might stop taking me seriously - assuming that they do in the first place.