Saturday, March 26, 2011

Three pics

This is not a pretty picture. The Mallard pair took to coming up to the back door in anticipation of kindnesses from me, and showed their impatience by pooing all over the back doorstep. "Gli amici si riconoscono nel bisogno", but I have decided that they are no friends of mine now that they have taken to doing their "bisogno" all over my back doorstep.
This is a kind of nestbox that I have never made, or indeed tried out, before. It is for an open-fronted garage where Barn Swallows often visit in early Spring, but where there are no ledges for them to nest on. This peculiar-looking nestbox is based on a design I found on a US website. If it works, I shall be amazed!
This tree is self-sown. It produces large juicy berries that could probably make excellent jam. I think it may be a bullace, a tree that was planted around orchards to attract bees in early Spring. Whatever it is, it is incredibly beautiful, especially against a blue sky. And it's much prettier, I am sure you will agree, than duck poo or weird nestboxes


Mike and Ann said...

If the berries are as big a damsons and have a blue bloom then it's a sloe tree, the only use of which is to make sloe gin. If it has yellowish sour plums then it's a bullace, and not much use for anything (although I've been told that bullace gin is not bad).
Hope this helps.
Regards, Mike.

Old Scrote said...

Yes, small sour yellowish "plums", so it is a bullace. My friend Angit says she is going to try making jam from them this year. Guess who will be the guinea pig!