Tuesday, January 31, 2012

"Happy anyway"

Look at this happy little chap and learn a lesson from him. I have been silent recently because I didn't want to bore you with more blathering about my medical condition. The prescribed treatment is working, and each day seems to bring me closer to "normal". Alleluia!
I even managed to go out on Barn Owl business the other day, albeit with the help of my vigorous mate, David H. We went to rescue a Barn Owl nestbox that had fallen when the barn collapsed. The box was a write-off, for which I was grateful, as it was one of those Wildlife Trust boxes made out of chipboard, a horrible material to repair.
So, bones no longer quite so achy and muscles calm even though still weak, I am raring to go. All I need now is for the weather to get a bit warmer and I will give you all a beaming smile like the little Brazilian menino da rua in the photo!

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Mike and Ann said...

When I was a boy in the Norfolk fens (not far from where you are now) I saw a good many people looking a lot like that happy little chap. I sometimes think that smiling is a social skill that many of today's youngsters have not acquired.