Friday, January 20, 2012

The me in Odmedod

Of course you all remember the scarecrow character, Odmedod, who appeared in the 1942 edition of the Rupert Annual. This illustration doesn't do him justice, as his arms and legs were just sticks. Which is why the illustration doesn't do me justice either. A side effect of my current medical condition is that the musculature on my arms and legs has wasted away quite a lot, leaving me looking like a pudding with four poles poking out.
I seem to be mending, thank goodness and thanks to medication, in that the everywhere-pains of the morning gradually subside during the day.
And the prognosis is good: I should be back to normal in 4-6 weeks, according to both the Turkish and the English specialists who have been on my case.
[Smiley face].
Which leaves me with the question: how can I rebuild the muscles in my arms and legs? I have no wish to look like Arnie Schwarzie, I will be happy with biceps no larger than goose eggs,  providing they work. Any ideas gratefully received.


Mike and Ann said...

Swimming would, I should think, be the ideal exercise to help your condition, provided (a) you can swim, (b) you enjoy swimming, and (c) that there is a heated (given the time of year) swimming pool near you. There's one in Cambridge, I know, and I should think there's probably one in Ely. There used to be one in Newmarket. Hope you're soon building the bod up a bit.
Regards, Mike and Ann.

Old Scrote said...

What a good idea! I really hadn't thought of swimming. There is a pool in Ely called, I think, Paradise Pool.