Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Bent Banana

I just found out that there is an official EU website called "EU What's in it for me?" that is specifically aimed at the British, to persuade the waverers that the EU is a good thing. On one page they explode various myths about alleged directives that have been issued on the lines of the famous (infamous) ruling about bent bananas. I am not too concerned about the exploding of the myths, but I love the myths themselves, and, as you know, I never let the facts get in the way of a perfectly good prejudice, but if you are into myth-busting, visit the site.  Here's a selection:
Brussels bans people from using the term “acres”
The EU has banned the consumption of cakes and scones entered into competitions in country fairs and fetes
Brussels to force UK to change emergency 999
Brussels rules mean that tightrope walkers have to wear hard hats
EU forces farmers to provide toys for their pigs
EU wants to ban plasma TVs
Brussels rules mean climbers have to use scaffolding and mountains have warning signs that snow is slippery
The EU is going to change the name of the English Channel to “Anglo-French pond”
Politically correct EU will stop bingo callers using the terms “Two fat ladies”
EU wants to remove the Queen from UK passports

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