Friday, February 03, 2012


I am constantly amazed, but also delighted, by the tolerance of wildlife to the vagaries of fortune. Take this indoor Barn Owl box, for instance.Wall-mounted in an old piggery, it has been used by Barn Owls every year since we put it up.
For some reason, the upper retaining bracket snapped, and the box ended up as you see - higgledy-piggledy.. Despite this, a pair nested in it again last season, bringing off a respectable brood of owlets. When I popped in to have a look in the piggery for owl pellets yesterday, a Barn Owl came out of the box, suggesting that they may use it again, upside down or not. Maybe we should just leave it like that. Maybe we should mount all our boxes in crazy Daliesque poses. .Maybe I should go and lie down in a darkened room....

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