Tuesday, February 07, 2012

More on the European Court

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In the interests of fairness, I offer this response from Civitas regarding the suggestion that over 8000 ECHR judgments have been "ignored".

The number of judgements from the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) that are yet to be fully implemented has is more than 8,000.
Last week, the figure is elaborated on in a report published by the think tank Civitas, which is authored by Dominic Raab MP.
Mr Raab explains: 'As of 2009, there were 8,661 cases "pending" before the Committee of Ministers - i.e. unimplemented judgments.”
This is indeed what the figures show, so far as the cases pending are concern. Page 33 of the Annual Report on the execution of the ECtHR's judgments gives the number. The Annual Report explains that some of the rise is due to increasing complexity of actually implementing these judgements.
The problem is that although all of these cases are pending - some for a long time - we should not necessarily view them all as "ignored".
Philip Leach, Professor of Human Rights at London Metropolitan Universities explained to Full Fact: "It is a complete misrepresentation to describe these cases as ones which have been 'ignored' by other states. Of course, the implementation of judgments is a process which may require various steps, which can be more or less complex and more or less time-consuming."

But you know me, I never let the facts get in the way of a perfectly good prejudice, and I am seriously prejudiced against the ECHR. The expressions that come into MY mind are: "Kick it into the long grass", "Indulge in a posture of masterly inactivity" or simply "Put it at the bottom of the PENDING tray". I bet the Italians have a choice phrase for it too, such as, "Professore Leach, va a farti inculare..."

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