Thursday, April 18, 2013

Novel form of transport

I don't know about you, but I become less and less interested in watching the news on television, whether it's BBC or Sky. So much triviality, negativity interspersed with endless speculation and talking heads second guessing. I increasingly visit two other channels, AlJazeera and RT (Russian TV channel in English). This from AlJazeera last night is my idea of a newsitem, but as far as I know, unreported in our media. It's the sort of news that lifts the spirits, and that is in very short supply these days.


Mike and Ann said...

Haven't had a telly for nearly twenty years, and I don't suppose we ever shall bother again. Five wirelesses scattered about the house, and we often listen to one of them. The one in my workshop is permanently tuned to Radio Four. That and the Telegraph gives me all the news I need. I'm told there are some good wild life programmes on these days, though.

Jake Allsop said...

You can catch the best of the wildlife programmes on channels like bbc iplayer and youtube. Or wait for the DVD.