Sunday, December 15, 2013


Prototype wind turbine
Worth reading the article from which this photo was taken. If the present design is based on the propeller-driven engine, this new one is modelled on the jet-engine, and is superior in a number of ways (cheaper, more efficient, easier to install, less intrusive), not least that it is less likely to kill thousands of birds and other flying objects, thought neither it nor any other design so far dreamt up is completely safe.
PS The elk is optional.


Mike and Ann said...

Is that an elk? I thought the antlers were palmate.

Mary Strachan Scriver said...

Better stick to birds, Jake. That there is a caribou! Although, I do not know how to distinguish between a caribou and a reindeer, so Santa had best not send me out to harness his delivery team.

Prairie Mary

Jake Allsop said...

Sorry, chaps. It's not that I was careless - tho I was - it's that I don't know the difference between an elk, a moose, a caribou, a reindeer and a hole in the ground. Shame on me.