Tuesday, December 03, 2013


It's started: the annual mystification when Christmas cards arrive and you have no idea who they're from.

Fondest love, Megan”, this one says. Megan? I don't know any Megan! Wait a minute, there WAS that funny creature with the bad teeth... No, can't be her, why would she me send a card after the way I stared at her mouth. More likely to send me a letter-bomb... Oh yes, and there was that other Megan, the inexplicably fat vegetarian....no, can't be her, she's most likely gaga by now, given her drink habit. Postmark? No help. The bloody stamp isn't even franked (Note to self: I wonder if I could steam it off and re-use it..).

Oh bugger, here's another one: “All the best, mate. Darrell.” Mate? I've never mated with anyone called Darrell. Maybe he's sent the card to the wrong Old Scrote. Postmark? Same again, looks like I might have TWO free stamps this year.

You see, darlings, what really bothers me is the realisation that somewhere this Christmas, somebody is going to stare at the card I sent them and say “Who the frack is Jake??” Unlike Megan and Darrell, though, I am unforgettable and take it very badly when I'm fracked.


Mike and Ann said...

Could Blodwyn Trellis have a middle name of Megan. It would be just like her; and to use it when sending cards to people she doesn't really know. I'd be a little worried about that one.

Jake Allsop said...

Nice one, Mike! It's an interesting suggestion, but I have no way of knowing if it's true or not as the dear lady never puts her home address on her correspondence.... Mind you, an envelope addressed to The Nutter, Llanfairpg would probably reach her.