Friday, January 10, 2014

Chuck it in here

I used to recycle my stuff at the village recycling station in various bins: paper in one, glass in another, alicans in another, plastic bottles (please flatten them) in another. Then I started to make trips to the big recycling centre in the nearby town because they also had bins for other recyclables (wood, metal, rubble, etc).
But now I have a wheelie bin with a blue lid courtesy of the local district council. And EVERYTHING (except organic waste) goes into it: paper, cardboard, glass, alicans, plastic bottles (please flatten them), metal etc....
Now, dear reader, I don't mind dumping everything in a blue-lidded dumpster, but I can't shake off the question that keeps buzzing in my head: how do they separate all this stuff when they get it to their Separator Plant (or whatever they call it)? Metal with a magnet perhaps, but how about the rest?
I'll be honest with you: I will go on saving the planet, singlehandedly if I have to, but my heart just isn't in it any more. Mysteries demoralise me.

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