Thursday, January 30, 2014

This birdie's not for tweeting

Twitter is a funny business. You decide to “follow” people you know and also a couple of conservation organisations This way, you hope to keep up with your friends' doings and to stay abreast of what's happening to protect the world's wildlife. But three reasons have prompted me to pull out of Twitter:
1. You get endless postings or repostings (retweets) from friends of friends of friends who talk about things you don't know about or aren't interested in; or who talk in a metalanguage that resembles one of those West African creoles that enabled the white man to order the natives about.
2. All the postings on conservation matters are negative, gloomy, gutwrenching. Every one tells of another catastrophe, another wickedness, another species on the verge of extinction. It's the stuff of suicide pacts. The worst part of this is that I know in some cases that the dire predictions are not based on solid evidence: they are there simply to scare the shite out of us. It does the conservation/green movement no good at all.
3. The three Tweet friends that I love the most are raging intellectuals way beyond my capacity. They know recondite stuff, they use arcane vocabulary, they quote medieval Provençal balladeers, they offer pithy wisdom in languages that I can't even recognise. In short, they make me feel inadequate. They give me the sort of uneasy feeling that would cause a man to check his flies even if he were wearing a kilt.
So, it's goodbye to Twitter. I still follow Facebook, though. Just.

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