Sunday, January 12, 2014

Ebay 1 Old Scrote 0

I just bought a chimney mushroom on ebay.
But I will never see it.
If I am lucky I might get a refund, but the steps I need to take to claim the refund make Scott's trek to the South Pole seem like a stroll up the pub.
Please don't ask me to explain: I am cast down enough as it is by my inability to master something so simple as ebay.
Ask me, instead, why I wanted to buy a chimney mushroom.
Better yet, ask me what a chimney mushroom is.
Better yet, let's pour a drink and forget the whole thing.
Bloody Jackdaws.


Zeynep Köksal said...

Oh dear!
I am Austrian...

Mike and Ann said...

The whole story is told in the last word. See my blog for the problems we had last April (?) with jackdaws.

Jake Allsop said...

Right! To which add Collared Doves, Starlings and, probably, Wood Mice.
Glad you solved your problem. I will try Jewson's to see if I can solve mine.